Put oil in bottom of pan to cover.   B r own ga rlic and slice 2 onions very thin

and brown.   Add mu sh rooms.   Add 3 cans toma t o pa s te and cook on low for 15 minutes.   Add 8 ca n s water, salt, pepper, basil, and parsley.   Cook for 3/4 hour.   Fry sliced peppers until soft and set aside.   Brown chicken (coat first with flour, salt, and pe pper), then fry in hot oil.   Put chicken, peppers, sauce, and mush r ooms in a large pan and mix we l l.   If it " h u gs" chicken too much,

add 1 can water.   Cook about another h o ur, or so, or until chicken is soft.

Add wine last 20 mi n utes.



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------------------- - ---------------- CHICKEN PICCATA




4 chicken breasts

1 egg

6 tbsp. lemon

2 chic k en bouillon c u bes

1/2 c. flour

Shake of garlic powder and paprika

4 tbsp. butter



Mix egg with 1 table s poon lemon.   Mix f l o u r with garlic powder and paprika. Dip chicken in egg, t h en flour mixture.   Place immediately in frying pan with

butter me l ted.   Brown.   W h ile i t is cooking, dissolve boiling water with

bouillon c u be and le m on juice.   Aft e r chicken is br o wned, pour bouillon mixture over ch i cke n ; simmer gently c o vered for 20 minutes.   Liquid mixture

can be doubled for m ore gravy.



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------------------- - ---------------- ORIENTAL CHICKEN WONTONS

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