Salt & pepper to taste

Sliced fresh mushrooms



Melt stick of butter in skillet.   Wash and dry chicken.   Fr y c h i cken i n bu tt e r until golden brown.   Take chic k e n out and sprinkle with thyme.   Saute mushrooms in butter.   Return chicken to skillet with mushrooms and pour cream over these.   Cook until c ream thickens and turns brown.   This is

delicious served with a rice c a s serole and green bean casserole.



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------------------- - ---------------- CHICKEN CASSE RO LE




1 can Rotel tomatoes with chilies

1 can cre a m of mushroom soup

1 sm. Velveeta c h eese, diced

1 sm. onion, sauteed

1 stick margarine

1 whole ch i cken

1 c. Cheddar cheese

1 pack spaghetti



Boil chic ke n and take off bo n e .   In the same water, boil spaghetti and dra i n, but do not rinse.   Mix all ingredients together, except Cheddar cheese.   Bake

at 350 degrees until Velveeta cheese is melted and hot.   Garnish with

Cheddar c h eese and serve.



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------------------- - ---------------- CHICKEN SPAGHETTI




5 chicken breasts

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