Cook the l ong grain rice according to d i rections.   Cook the wild rice about 45

minutes after washing it well.   Drain both rices and mix together.   Cook

sausage in frying pan until done; drain grease.   Combine both soups and then add chicken broth until medium sauce is a t tained.   Sauté in small amount of margarine the celery, garlic, onions and m u shrooms u ntil tender crisp.   In a large casserole dish, layer the rices, chicken, sausage, vegetables and soup mixture.   Top with homemade bre a d croutons (below) and bake at 350

degrees for about 45 minutes or until croutons are lightly tanned and casserole is bubbling around the edges. --HOMEMADE BREAD CROUTONS--



Melt 1/2 cup butter or margar i ne in pan.   Add 3 sli c es of bread that have been cut into crouton-sized pieces.   Stir these together and mix until all pieces are moist with butter.   Spread the croutons over the casserole and bake.   (They are worth the added effort.)



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------------------- - ---------------- FRAN'S CHICKEN




4 whole chicken breasts, s k inned and boned

2 cans cream of mushroom so u p

1 can milk

16 oz. sour cream

1 sm. bag Pepperidge Farm stuffing



Prepare stuffing according to package d i r ections and let cool.   Cook chicken, cut breasts in half and lay in 9" x 13" baking dish.   Mix soup, m i lk and sour cream.   Pour over ch i cken.   Spr i nkle stuff i ng over soup mixture.   Bake, uncovered, for 1 hour at 350 degrees.   Serves 8.



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